How We’re Different

Fostering a healthy work/family balance by turning break time into play time.

Wrkply LLC is a state-of-the-art family friendly co-working space and small business incubator featuring a kids play space, as well as business development and family enrichment programs. 

We provide shared workspace, private desks, and dedicated office space as well as kid-friendly activities and play facilities with the goal of helping working parents achieve a healthy work-life balance.

A Community of Like-Minded Professionals

Join a community of intentional and involved parents dedicated to professional development and personal growth, all while raising great little humans.

Let's be honest, we're basically superheroes.

A Space Built with Professional Parents in Mind

From glass partitions and video monitoring in our play and nap spaces, to kid-friendly modular furniture and mini work spaces for use in on our main floor, we make sure your kids are always in your line of sight. (But not necessarily within earshot. Thanks soundproofing)

• Kid-friendly work spaces for homework time, reading, STEM activities, and art
• CCTV monitoring and open lines of sight between kid spaces and work spaces
• Private, quiet spaces for nursing, feeding, and snuggle time
• Multimedia room and computer lab for older children and teens.
• Audio/visual studio
• Soundproofed phone booths
• Modern (but kid-proofed!) work stations and private offices
• Snacks and drinks that are parent and kid approved
• All the amenities you'd expect from a state-of-the-art coworking space

We Offer a Full Array of Features for Parents & Kids

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Build Your Business While Building Healthy Families

We're proud to offer a full calendar of professional and personal development programming for grownups, as well as activities for kids of all ages.

• Professional coaching, mentorship, and peer support groups
• Programming and activities for kids of all ages, with an emphasis on physical and emotional development, good citizenship, leadership, STEM, and art.
• Parenting classes and activities for the whole family
• Tutoring and coaching for school-age children in a variety of subjects from math, reading, foreign language, music, art, and beyond.

Caring Staff Who Understand Your Needs

We understand the needs of professional parents because we are professional parents. We've built our entire mission, vision, and team around what we only wish we'd had available when starting our families, businesses, and careers.

• Trained children’s center staff on site during key hours and school breaks.
• Hospital grade sanitation program designed by specialists in infection control
• Childcare provided during special events including happy hour, networking events, special seminars, and more

You Time, Me Time, and We Time All Happen at Wrkply

From regular happy hours and networking events to parents night out and kids night in, Wrkply offers plenty of opportunity for you time (or we time for couples!) with programming designed to give you a much needed break, while offering the peace of mind of knowing that your children are cared for in a private, familiar, home-away-from-home environment.

• Neworking Events
• Happy Hours
• Wine Tastings
• Tapas Night
• Food Trucks
• Live Music
• and much more!